It has been implementing construction investments since 2005. Many years of experience allows it to finalize projects not only on the Wrocław real estate market. Here, it has successfully implemented the construction of the Centauris housing estate together with Vantage Development, as well as a tenement house at Krasińskiego 15a Street.

The employment of specialists results in projects tailored to our times. The company also builds houses on its own premises situated in attractive locations. A visionary approach to new projects guarantees the company's development and customers' satisfaction.
The M A Ł E   W I L C Z Y C E housing estate is a flagship BNM project implemented with the participation of excellent specialists in various fields related to real estate. On the area of almost 20 hectares, a housing estate is being built, where quality, functionality and the highest standards are the distinguishing features of the investment among many others erected in this area.
The location of Małe Wilczyce guarantees an access to numerous green areas and good public transport with city amenities. Duplex apartments, apartments in terraced houses as well as terraced houses are selected by the residents of Wrocław as an excellent alternative to metropolitan multi-family buildings. In relation to the high interest in houses and apartments in Wilczyce, the company started the next stage of development of the housing estate. The offer of real estate located on the border of Psie Koło and Kiełczów meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. It is  confirmed by hundreds of signed contracts and the satisfaction of the residents.


Friendly developer
In the development business, BNM's priority is to focus on cooperation with the engaged team, harmony of the emerging properties with their surroundings, as well as high quality of execution.
The investments are realized in attractive locations with respect to the existing greenery, which is being supplemented by new spaces for rest and relaxation. Taking care of small architecture, a playground, convenient transport inside the estate creates a comfortable space that encourages to spend free time together in a friendly environment.

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